What Is Reiko Fused

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So, what is Reiko Fused?

Create a bond that lasts forever. Tell your story with a permanent welded bracelet. This process is easy and fun! We offer a selection of sterling silver, gold filled, rose gold filled, and 14k gold chain. 

What does "permanent jewelry" mean?

We will weld on a custom fit bracelet to your wrist using a painless, quick and easy process. Because the bracelet is welded on, it does not have a clasp and therefore will "permanently" stay on.

How do I book an appointment?

We will be offering appointments through different “pop up” locations. Please view the available pop ups above!

Can I remove my bracelet by myself when I'm ready for it to come off?

Yes! Should you want to remove your permanent bracelet, they can easily be removed at home with a pair of household scissors.

How long will my bracelet last?

Weeks, months, years! This depends on the type of chain, your job, your lifestyle, and other external factors. 

Should your bracelet break or come off, Reiko Fused provides warranty on your bracelet for 60 days from date of your session. Please place your bracelet in a safe place (provided you still have the chain) and we will re-weld free of charge.

What bracelet options do you have? 

We offer bracelets, anklets and rings!   

Can you take your permanent bracelet through airport security?

Yes! Security will not ask you to remove the fused jewellery. 

Reiko Fused Private Party?

Please contact tanya@reikodesigns.com

Chain Material 
Sterling Silver - starting at $38.

All of our sterling is rhodium plated to ensure you get the forever sparkle.

Gold Filled - starting at $48. 

This is the next best thing to 14k gold. Durable and will maintain it’s golden colour. 

10K & 14K gold - starting at $105. 

The name says it all, 14K gold is the best of the best and is meant to last forever.